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Paraprofessional Toolkit: Effective Communication

Time limit: 365 days

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Course Overview

Read through the information below carefully before enrolling. For further information, please consult the FAQ linked at the top of this page.

Course Description

"Effective Communication" is an essential course that empowers paraprofessionals to develop and refine their communication skills, enabling them to build strong relationships with students, teachers, and other members of the educational community. The course opens with an engaging narrative that emphasizes the importance of effective communication in creating a positive and supportive learning environment. Through a series of informative BHSSC-created videos, reflective exercises, and assessments, participants will learn how to prepare for conversations, ensuring they are well-equipped to communicate with clarity and purpose. The course explores the importance of discerning necessary information from irrelevant details, helping paraprofessionals to focus on the most critical aspects of their interactions. Participants will develop and practice a range of effective communication strategies, including active listening, clear messaging, and appropriate tone and body language. By the end of the course, paraprofessionals will possess a robust toolkit of communication techniques, enabling them to foster meaningful connections, resolve conflicts, and contribute to a positive and collaborative educational setting.

Course Goals

  • "Gain skills to prepare for conversations"
  • "Develop an understanding of what information is necessary to know and what is not"
  • "Develop strategies to effectively communicate"

Estimated Time: ½ Hour to 2 Hours 

This self-paced course typically requires half an hour to two hours to complete, though the actual time may vary based on individual factors.

Access and Credentials

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Bulk Enrollment

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Team Discount

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Credentials: 1 CECH

After completing this course, you can obtain 1 CECH (continuing education contact hours) for South Dakota. CECH/CEUs are free of charge and can be obtained instantly upon completing all requirements.