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Backward Design Lesson Planning

Time limit: 365 days

$75 Enroll

Full program description

Program Overview

Read through the information below carefully before enrolling. For further information, please consult the FAQ linked at the top of this page.


NOTE: This is a program within our Catalog. As such, it is a combination of smaller, individual courses. Given that these courses can be completed independently of each other, all program-specific information such as graduate credit is below.

Program Description

Discover the transformative power of backward design in this comprehensive online program that combines three essential courses: Backward Design Principles, Lesson Planning: Outcomes & Assessments, and Lesson Planning: Activities & Framing. This immersive learning experience is designed for educators, instructional designers, and educational leaders seeking to create effective, engaging, and impactful learning experiences across various educational contexts.

In the first course, participants will dive deep into the research-backed principles of backward design, learning how to apply this powerful framework to their own practice through scenario-based e-learning activities, expert insights, and flexible assignments. Whether working in K-12 schools, higher education, or professional training settings, participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to implement backward design successfully.

The second course focuses on the intricacies of designing and understanding educational outcomes, objectives, and success criteria, as well as creating aligned assessments. Participants will explore the importance of context, scope, and student-friendly language in setting objectives, and learn how to ensure accuracy and precision in both goal-setting and evaluation. Through item analysis and other key concepts, educators will develop a robust framework for meeting and exceeding educational standards.

In the final course, participants will delve into the world of classroom activities and lesson plan framing. Applicable to any subject, age group, or learning context, this course covers Visible Learning research, technology integration, engagement strategies, and more. Through scenario-based learning and reflection opportunities, educators will learn how to create effective, appropriate, and engaging classroom activities while mastering the art of clear and compelling lesson plan framing.

Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to apply their learning to their own educational settings, with optional sections on supporting backward design across entire education systems and contributing to school-wide initiatives around assessment and outcomes. By the end of this comprehensive training, participants will be well-equipped to enhance their instructional practices, create truly effective learning experiences, and positively impact student learning outcomes.

Program Contents

Estimated Time: 14-16 Hours (Two Days)

This self-paced course typically requires 14-16 hours to complete, though the actual time may vary based on individual factors.

Access and Credentials

Click on "enroll now" to begin enrolling in the Course listing. After registering, click on “Canvas” at the top of the page to access your course in Canvas.

Free for Members

This course is a TIE Member course. It is free for educators from TIE Member schools with a code. If you do not know your code, please use the link at the top of this page to reach out and request it. 

Bulk Enrollment

Administrators, PLC leaders, and others can enroll their whole team; there's an option for bulk enrollment in the Catalog for registering multiple members. You first need to reserve and purchase multiple enrollments. After that, you can invite individuals to your purchased seats.

Team Discount

If registering 20 or more individuals for a team or district, reach out to to arrange for special pricing before purchasing.

Credentials: 15 CECH or 1 Graduate Credit

After completing this course, you can obtain 15 CECH or 1 graduate credit. Graduate credit costs an additional small charge to the university for both members and non-members. CECH/CEUs are free of charge and can be obtained instantly upon completing all requirements. More information can be found in the FAQ at the top of this page.

Certificate of Completion

All participants who complete the program are automatically awarded a certificate of completion. This does not affect CECH/CEUs or graduate credit. These certificates of completion may be used by districts, schools, and organizations as proof of completion for required training. These certificates may also be displayed on LinkedIn or a personal portfolio. To download a certificate for this course, follow the steps from the Canvas Community.

CECH/CEU Certificate

You cannot obtain continuing education contact hours (CECH) or continuing education units (CEU) AND graduate/college credit for the same time/experience. As not all participants will seek a CECH/CEU certificate, these are not set by default for each course within this program. Instructions on obtaining CECH/CEU certificates are available within each course in this program. 

CECH/CEU vs Credit?

Credit is the only option not automatically awarded within our system. While both completion certificates and CECH/CEU certificates can be obtained by the participant without any assistance, credit requires a few additional steps. Credit WILL NOT appear within your Catalog account. As such, it is recommended that you seek CECH/CEU certificates in place of graduate credit if you need it soon. Additionally, CECH/CEU certificates are free while graduate credit may require an additional payment to the university.

Graduate/College Credit

Graduate credit or CEUs are offered for each of our TIE professional development courses or events and can be requested within six (6) months of completion. Please register for the university listing first and then reach out to your instructor. Let your instructor know that you have completed ALL COURSES IN THE PROGRAM, have registered for the listing at a university, and when you need the credit. 


Depending on the course or event, we offer graduate credit through the University of Sioux Falls, individual public universities in South Dakota, and/or the South Dakota Board of Regents for Universal Credit. The Universal Credit option is handled through the University of South Dakota. Students who enroll for graduate credit for workshops offering Board of Regents Universal Credit will have the opportunity to register for credit from the universities of their choice: Black Hills State University, Dakota State University, Northern State University, South Dakota State University, and University of South Dakota.

How do I register for graduate credit and make the payment?

  • University of Sioux Falls credit: Find the workshop you are registering for in USF’s TIE catalog and pay with a credit card through the secure registration system. If you would rather register by mail, complete the entire graduate credit registration form (PDF or Word) and mail with a check ($40 per credit hour payable to USF) to USF, Attn: Director of Workshops & Continuing Education, 1101 W. 22nd Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 with appropriate payment.
  • University of South Dakota credit: If your workshop offers graduate credit from USD, a link to USD’s secure website for graduate credit registration for that particular workshop will be provided by your instructor. Graduate credit from USD is $40 per credit hour.
  • Board of Regents Universal Credit: If your workshop offers graduate credit with the Board of Regents, you will receive direction from your instructor on how to enroll and pay with a credit card through the University of South Dakota’s secure website. The amount is $40 per credit hour payable to the university from which you have selected to receive graduate credit.

When and where will my grade be available?

Each course has an assigned faculty member who will submit the grades. Please allow 4 weeks for your grade to show up on your transcript with your chosen university. Reach out to the university and your instructor with any questions.

How do I obtain a transcript for this professional development?

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at the University from which you have selected to request a transcript.